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In the words of Beyoncé, "Who run the world? Girls."

Now, who runs what girls find cool? Refinery29. And who runs a massive portion of their content creation, creative direction and voice? Connie Wang. Make no mistake, Connie Wang is a BOSS.

We were lucky enough to steal her just mornings after she returned home from weeks of world travel and, ya'know, deciding what the ladies we love will be wearing and instagraming this year.

We'll get into the shoot and her NYC story in a moment, but first we need to tell you about the clinic Connie put on while we snapped some pictures.


This shoot was in spring, just a week or so ago, but her morning the temp dropped to about 29degrees. We were all bundled with boogies hanging from our noses and Connie made it look like summer in ankle cut jeans, high heels and a light sweater.

Long story short, Connie is a B-A, high-heel-wearing, bike-riding, trend-setting, sweet-heart and she's going to tell you about her NYC. (Pay attention... 'Date spots' abound)

Favorite Spot
Brooklyn Bridge -

It's nearly a straight shoot from my home to the office on the bridge, and it's a such a treat to bike home during the summer as the sun is setting.

Secret Love
This American Life podcast app - 

I'm a TAL superfan. I remember listening to it back when I was in middle school on Sunday nights with my headphones on in bed. It's still part of my weekly routine — I love listening to it (among dozens of other podcasts) when I commute.

Surprise Preference
Tea Do - 

I get the taro milk tea with pudding. It beats a Frappuccino any day.

Top Brunch Spot
Aita - 

This place makes the best brunch, hands down. My favorite dish has a horrible name that makes me feel terrible about myself — The Hungry Beast — but I swear that it's a manageable portion! It's small amounts of five breakfast staples, made to perfection.

Where you shop
The Brooklyn Flea / 
Frankie - 
I'm a big shopper, and there's nothing I like shopping for more than old stuff. Half my furniture at home is from the Flea, and I always find some bizarrely wonderful clothes each time I go.
I loved going to Frankie even when it used to be Pixie Market. It's affordable, quirky pieces that also have this air of anonymity about the that I love. Every piece looks like it could be $1,000 or $10.

When it's time to treat yo self
10 Over 10 - 

I used to do my nails ALL the time, but now I only go for a pedicure a couple times a year. When I do though, I love treating myself at Ten Over Ten. It's such a relaxing environment to be in, and they have the best color selection

Bar of Choice
Sisters - 

This bar just opened, and everything is perfect about this place, from the decor, to the music, to the strong drinks and snacks. Plus, it's across the street from the best pizza in NYC (Emily Loves Pizza), a girl-power establishment that makes you want to pour honey over all your slices.

Checkout the Citi Bike Commuter Bag


[photography by @inna.shnayder]