Citi Bike X Hudson Sutler

 From The Field,Friends of HS

For our final piece in this 4 part series we went strait for the horns of the bull.

Last week, we were able to sit down with Miguel McKelvey, the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of WeWork, a guy who truly seems to "get it.” His even keel, mellow demeanor was refreshing… for that matter so was the citrus infused water we received when we arrived to the WeWork Headquarters at 222 Broadway.


No matter where you live, unless you’ve been tragically stuck under a rock for the last five years, you heard of WeWork — “a platform for creatives” that helps people and businesses with everything they might need to make a life, not just a living.

During our time at HQ, and as we cruised over to WeWorks Charging Bull location, our entire team was impressed by Miguel. And no, we don't mean by his stature (we have him unofficial measuring 6’8” tall). You will be too...


Coffee of Choice in the City


I normally just wait to get to the offices… (We realized this was a silly question when we were asked if we’d like some coffee upon entering 222 Broadway.)

What’s new in the business?


We’re finally opening up in Brooklyn, Dumbo, specifically. It’ll be our first complete buildout witch is really exciting. We get to create the space rather than come into a space that’s already existed and make it our own. I’m an architect by trade so that’s something I’m really excited about… (we also saw that their opening in Isreal, and Miami… #NextExcape?)

Why NYC, Why Citi Bikes

The Fit

I love cities that are manageable. I love design and engineering. NYC is a pretty logical fit for me. Not to mention, I’ve never owned a car in my life and there’s no place more convenient for not owning a car than NYC.

Fun Citi Bike Story

Early Adopters and UWS

Which reminds me - the first time I rode a Citi Bike, I took it way up to the Upper West Side. I just cruised up Central Park for a while taking in the sites. What I didn’t realize was how much of an early adopter I was. Citi Bike had just opened. There weren’t docks up there yet. Anyway, I’m pumped about the Phase Two expansion.


Favorite Area of the City

Hard to Say

I first moved to Brooklyn and I love it. It feels home to me. But pretty recently I’ve moved to Tribeca with my wife and kids and the area is taking my heart. It’s so close to everything I need.

Iconic NYC Spot That You Love

The Charging Bull

A fun fact about that bull is that it’s actually a piece of “graffiti.” Yeah, one night in 1989 an artist just dropped it in front of the Stock Market. It’s since been moved (down to the Bowling Green) to here. But how incredible is that? Something no one asked for has now been adopted by the city and represents so much.

Preference on Bag Number

00004, Please

Four was my jersey number. (Wait, what?) Yeah, I played basketball and studied architecture at the University of Orgeon. I wore #4 and #40 one year… but #4 would be perfect.


[photos by Lauren Kallen/WeWork | @laurenkallenphoto | www.laurenkallen.com ]