Byron Murray

Interview with Dax McCarty USMNT Midfielder, Ginger Ninja, Hudson Sutler Ambassador

Byron Murray
Interview with Dax McCarty USMNT Midfielder, Ginger Ninja, Hudson Sutler Ambassador

The Ginger Ninja. Talk to us, how’d you get the name? The world needs to know.

HAHA. Ginger Ninja nickname and I go way back. I picked up the nickname early in my days at FC Dallas. We used to play on Galavision all the time being in Dallas and the commentators would always say a bunch of things in Spanish talking about me followed by the phrase "El Ginger Ninja". So clearly they enjoyed the name for me because they said it all the time. Always made me laugh watching the replay of the games!


You’ve suited up for UNC, DC, NY, Chicago and most importantly, The US of A. What’s the most memorable game you’ve ever played in?

I have played in a ton of memorable games in my career. Too many to mention. But if I had to single out the most memorable game of my career, it would have to be the 2013 regular season finale with the New York Red Bull's at Red Bull Arena. We were playing my current team (Chicago Fire) and the stakes were very high. Win the game, we win the Supporters Shield. Lose and we don't. We ended up going down in the game 1-0 which was a little nerve wracking but we didn't panic. Thierry Henry made a little bit of magic and set us on our way to a 5-2 victory and the first major trophy in NYRB's history and my career. It was quite the night.

We know there’s some good stories you CAN’T share...but any that you can? Which of your teammates (current or former) is the most rediculous?

Plenty of great stories that won't be shared with you guys, maybe after a few beers! But I'll always remember Thierry Henry inviting me and some teammates to go over to London with him for a week after the 2012 season ended. That was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Sitting in his luxury box at Emirates Stadium for the North London Derby (Arsenal-Tottenham) was one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had. I'll never forget it! As far as ridiculous teammates go, Joel Lindpere from the Red Bull's take the cake. He's hysterical and such a great dude. Everything that comes out of his mouth cracks me up. He's a living legend.

When you’re not over jumping 6’3’’ midfielders (we’ve seen it happen), where on earth is your "happy place"? It can be a beach side destination or a quiet spot in your apartment. Just let us know why it's your spot.

My happy place is back at my parents house in Winter Park, FL. It's the house I grew up in and something about it just gives me a sense of peace and happiness. Being able to enjoy a home cooked meal with my family by my side and my 2 French bulldogs begging for food at my feet gives me a real sense of calm away from the field. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. After dinner, having a beer out in the back yard sitting around the fire pit is always going to be one of my favorite ways to unwind. It's the definition of relaxing.


Do you have a quirky travel ritual? Like are you a weirdo who brings your own pillow onto the plane?

No crazy travel rituals for me. I just like to kick back, watch a movie or sleep until we get to where we are going. I do have to buy some snacks at the airport for a long flight though. I have to have something sweet to satisfy my sweet tooth on a long journey.

Rapid Fire:

What’s your favorite stadium to play in?

Red Bull Arena

What team has the best looking gear?

Seattle Sounders all black jerseys are 🔥🔥.

What music are you listening to these days?

Listening to a little bit of everything these days. Justin Bieber - Despacito seems to constantly be popping up on my Spotify. I kinda dig it.

What’s your happy hour drink of choice?

Moscow Mule

Best bar in the World?...go

Rock Bar at Ayana resort and spa in Bali. Google it. My wife and I went there a few years ago and will definitely be going back.

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