Escape Guide // Burlington, Vermont

Escape Guide // Burlington, Vermont

Vermont is always a classic choice for a weekend getaway, and Burlington, on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, is not to be overlooked. Home to UVM, this college town is the most populated city in Vermont. From the breweries (Magic Hat!) to the skiing (of course, you are in Vermont, after all)—this small city has big offerings. Try to keep up.



Whiskey Room at Ri Ra // 176 College Street, Burlington, VT 05401

Mark Twain once said “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” We happen to agree with Mr. Twain, and the Whiskey Room at Ri Ra is a good place to get a start on barely enough. This place has too many whiskies to count and the bar tenders really know how to make a mixed drink. Or, if you have hair on your chest like our friend Mr. Twain, go ahead and drink it neat.

Magic Hat Brewery // 5 Bartlett Bay Road, South Burlington, VT 05403

Vermont has more breweries per person than any other state, and Magic Hat is the cream of the crop that’s rolling out bodacious brews. Go and visit the brewery for a self-guided tour, and get free samples. Free beer? Enough said.

Honorable mentions: Switchback, and Zero Gravity.

Farmhouse Tap and Grill // 160 Bank Street, Burling, VT 05401

With 30 craft beers on tap, a beer garden and parlor, occasional live music, you’ll probably never want to leave. If you’re not too into hops, take a peek at their cocktail menu where they make the classics the right way. While you’re there grab some locally sourced and expertly prepared food and let yourself feel good about where your food comes from.




¡Diono! Duende // 8-12 North Winooski Ave, Burlington, VT 05408

When you think of Vermont you probably don’t think of worldly street food. This place is begging to change your mind. From Mexican to Korean to Middle Eastern this place has it all. and in typical Vermont fashion it serves sustainable, ethically raised meat. While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, our favorites are the Korean tacos and the falafel. Oh, don’t forget that Diono Duende is nestled between its two sister locations, Radio Bean, a small live music venue and Light Club Lamp Shop, the vintage lamp lounge and cocktail bar you never knew you needed.

Leunig’s // 115 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401

In the heart of Church Street rests Leunig’s, a French bistro and bar. This is a good place to bring a date while not breaking the bank. Any baller who took Econ 100 knows when you can save money, you do it. Leunig’s has killer deals, get an appetizer and entrée for 17.50 from 9-10pm Sunday through Thursday or 10-11pm Friday and Saturday. If you’re not watching your waistline go for the duck confit poutine, if you are- get the poutine anyway.

American Flatbread // 115 St. Paul St., Burlington, VT 05401

Pizza, patriotism, and beer. What could possibly go wrong? The answer is nothing. This little pizza place is great- wood fired pizza made with the freshest and most local ingredients available. Wash down the pie with craft brews from Zero Gravity brewery made only a few blocks away.

Butch + Babe’s // 258 North Winooski Ave, Old North End, Burlington, VT 05401

An odd fusion of Asian and American comfort food, Butch + Babe’s stands out among the many, many pubs in Burlington. B+B’s has a small menu, but when a place has a small menu, it usually means they do the food really well. Come here for something classic like grits and biscuits, something Asian like kimchi pork patties, or just something totally different like mac & cheese pancakes which obviously come with a hotdog.



Maglianero Café // 47 Maple St, Burlington, VT 05401

Centered around coffee, culture, and cycling, this café has the right vibe for you to do some serious work, or just plug in and get caught up what has happened in the world. Maglianero Café serves up coffee, tea, and small bites all day. What takes the cake though is their espresso, it’s the best in town and you’re going to need the caffeine anyway.



Lake Champlain

Burlington rests on the edge of Lake Champlain, a gorgeous lake which provides for great views throughout the whole city. Walk on down and enjoy the breeze off the water, take a boat ride, eat on the water, or check out the fireworks they have during the summer. Pro tip: Pick up a cigar from Garcia Tobacco Shop on Church Street and puff away on a bench overlooking the water- bringing a flask would be a nice touch too.

Burlington Bike Path

Un-plug and go on a walk, jog, ride, or run on the Burlington Bike path. It’s a well maintained path that spans 8 miles throughout Burlington connecting public parks and neighborhoods. It’s also not a bad idea to work off all the booze and food you’ll be indulging in because it’s always bathing suit season for the traveler.




Church Street

Spend some hard earned greenbacks on Church Street. This street is mostly blocked off from traffic and allows you to stroll around and take in the sights. Lining the path are all sorts of shops and restaurants, guaranteed to keep you busy for hours. Don’t be afraid to go off on a side street to find even more quality stores.



Hotel Vermont // 41 Cherry St., Burlington, VT 05401

If Pinterest opened a hotel it would be Hotel Vermont. Modern layout and accommodations, plus they offer packages for saving on the room and skiing, or visiting breweries, etc- all the Vermont type things you could ask for. 


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