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What's Your EDC? // Andy Culp of Heli.Life

Byron Murray
What's Your EDC? // Andy Culp of Heli.Life

 Whats your EDC,Friends of HS

Andy Culp is a new york-city based entrepreneur who is COO of Word Capital Investment Management & Technology, and Founder of Heli Life.


1. Passport
I carry a passport more than most. When I have my passport, I know I can go anywhere at the drop of a hat.

2. Favorite Watches
My Shark watch is my gamer. I wear it all over the world from the beach to the backcountry. I rock the Rolex in the office and for meetings.

3. Business
I always try to have my Business Cards handy. Ya never know. And love this money clip and am one of the few that still always has cash.

4. Pleasure
There are few things I enjoy more than heading down hill with beats. My neck warmer and heli-shades plus iPad Nano + Bose Ear Buds help make that experience addicting. Then there are the Raw papers / lighter and the Vape. Options are valuable.

5. Trouble
You never know what might go down on the mountain so I like to have my MAC Buck Knife (backcountry blade) whenever I can. With some of the mountains we get to va Heli Life a good GPS is worth it's weight in gold. And the fam sticker & graffiti marker is for a different kind of trouble.

I never leave home SD cards and 35mm film (black and white, color).

7. Name Tag
For those who don't know my name.

...We asked Culp if he had any awesome "grab and go story"...

Yeah, I moved to Vail, Colorado in 2007 with a hockey bag full of gear, no car, no dough, just hunger for mountains.

Get up and go numero 2: one way flight to Florianopolis, Brazil for 3 months in 2012.


Where can Hudson Sutler find you online?

Find me online: