Byron Murray

What's your EDC? // Emmet of @BrooklynCartoons

Byron Murray

This week, we sat down with our boy Emmet of @BrooklynCartoons and talked about his EDC, soccer, and Apple products.


1) @brooklyncartoons sticker pack

I love how stickers participate in the street art culture in NYC.

2) Sketchbook

Even though I draw my cartoons digitally now, I carry a sketchbook for when I get a good idea on the go.

3) Art stuff

The Pilot Razor Point pens on the right are hands down the best all-purpose pens out there.

4) Sour Chinese candies

Not sure the name of these exactly, but you can find these guys down in the markets of Chinatown

5) Hudson Sutler EDC

The perfect on-the-go carrying kit, super easy to toss in a larger bag, and the HS logo is killer

6) 6th gen iPod nano and headphones

Apple knew what they were doing giving the nano a clip, but all good things come to an end.

What's your favorite grab-and-go story?

In 2010, I watched the World Cup in three countries - Italy, the US, and Mexico.

I was in Rome doing a drawing class and caught the group stage there. The Italians had just won in 2006 and were so confident they didn't even bother setting up any of the jumbotrons in the plazas, the stuff was just lying there in a pile (this was kinda surprising but not really at all). They ended up getting knocked out in the first round.

I came back to NYC for a week to catch the end of groups and then headed to Mexico City for the round of 16 (had a summer job at an architecture firm there), where I witnessed an entire country go into a collective depression after being knocked out by Argentina.

When Spain ended up beating the Netherlands in the final, Mexico City went completely nuts. I'm talking convoys of cars down every boulevard with people waving Spanish flags everywhere, true patriotism. Hard to imagine that same thing happening here in the States if England were to win, but let's face it, they probably never will.

Emmet, where can the Hudson Sutler community find you online?

All the action is happening on Instagram @brooklyncartoons. I'm on some other social media accounts but find some of them (ahem, Facebook) to be completely useless.

Right now my website is just a shell, but I'll have a store up and running at some point so people can purchase prints and other stuff.