vol. 0005 Red, White & Blue Cocktail feat. Fishers Island Lemonade

vol. 0005 Red, White & Blue Cocktail feat. Fishers Island Lemonade

Welcome to episode five of “Thirsty Thursday”, this time we've brought in the big guns. Meet Bronya Shillo, founder and cocktail legend of Fishers Island Lemonade. Having tasted FIL well before meeting Bronya, we know her credibility when it comes to all things booze-related is unquestioned. So when we asked FIL to cook up the 'PERFECT JULY 4th COCKTAIL" boy did they deliver....


I got my start bartending at my family’s bar. As the only bar on the seven mile stretch of Fishers Island, The Pequot Inn was the sole “watering hole” for the island’s residents and visitors. It was a place to soak in our laid-back, island vibe with good company and a cold drink.

Each Friday I blended our signature cocktail, Fishers Island Lemonade, in 15 liter batches. We served FIL throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning – it would barely last the weekend. One night I reached into the cooler to grab a beer and thought, “what if I canned our lemonade?”


My goal when creating the Fishers Island Lemonade brand was to offer a better option. Craft beer is great and exciting to partake in no matter where you pull up a bar stool these days. Ready-to-Drink options are another story….scary actually. Our spiked lemonade is not, it’s real and refreshing. You can easily take FIL to the beach, boating, on a summer picnic, or anywhere you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail without having to mix, shake, muddle or contend with the potential safety hazards of glass.

While our all-natural, malt-free blend of lemon, honey, distilled vodka and whiskey spirits is perfect to enjoy on its own, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Fishers Island Lemonade makes an excellent cocktail base, think sour mix with a kick.

In the recipe below, we take it up a notch by complementing Fishers Island Lemonade with a medley of muddled strawberries and blueberry infused vodka. This cocktail is pure summer in a glass and perfect for the 4th of July.

Red, White & Blue Cocktail


3-4 Strawberries

1 oz. Blueberry infused Vodka

1 Can of Fishers Island Lemonade





Cocktail Spoon


Muddle strawberries in your glass, add cubed ice.

Pour in Fishers Island Lemonade ¾ of the way up the glass.


Measure an ounce of blueberry vodka in a jigger. Using a cocktail spoon, pour vodka, slowly, over the back of the spoon so that it “floats” on the top layer.


Garnish with fresh berries and enjoy under the fireworks!


That’s it! Simple, delicious and impressive cocktail to serve at your 4th of July shindig. Revelers beware, Fishers Island Lemonade alone is 9% ABV, so the addition of blueberry vodka here really packs a punch!

Or you can just watch the video of how to make it below

If just reading this recipe was as much work as you’re willing to do, you can always enjoy FIL straight. Just pop the top and pour over ice… it’s that easy!

Looking to get your Fishers Island Lemonade fix on the hop? Hit up these spots:

Ditch Plains || 29 Bedford St, New York, NY

The "New York Style Fish Shack"is serving up lobster rolls and oysters with the best of 'em. Which is no shock, since chef-owner Marc Murphy knows a little something about making things taste damn good.

Pizza Beach || 167 Orchard St, New York, NY

As if you didn't love Pizza and the Beach enough....add a dash of old school style + an ice cold FIL and we've found your new home away from home. Go for the Lamb Merguez pizza, then tell the game it has changed.

Your Share House || Anytown, USA

Pretty dope name for a bar right? ps: dibs. No need to go searching out a crowded summer drinking establishment to enjoy FIL, thanks to the wonders of The Internet® you can just order it via the Fisher's Island Lemonade website: filemonade.com or Fresh Direct. Added bonus: You can control the music.