vol. 0003 Cowboy Coffee

vol. 0003 Cowboy Coffee

Though the reigning champion of all things booze + pre Noon consumption in NYC is the classic Bloody Mary, we’re coming at you with a little something new for your future brunch rotation.

Meet: Cowboy Coffee

As home recipes or dingy bar orders go…Cowboy Coffee is pretty much “mess-up proof” so keep this in your back pocket should your local watering hole think Vodka + V8 is worthy of being listed on the cocktail menu.


-1- Bourbon

Anything you like works…we’d recommend staying away from Rye, but your preference. We’re fans of Breckenridge Bourbon for this cocktail not only because it’s delicious bourbon, but it reminds us of that time we spent on the hill with our boys from The Bivvi.

-2- Cold Brew Coffee

You can make your own, as I do, which is both coffee-geeky and takes a little more time. Otherwise if you’re in a jam, pick up a Chameleon Cold Brew from the store. They’ve got a few flavors which helps personalize this drink to your taste. Iced coffee can work, but cold brew is really the play here.


-3- Heavy/Light Cream

Pretty much anything but skim milk to give the final product some substance.

-Bonus- Optional additions to your taste

The usual suspects: Baileys, Kahlua, heck we’ve even tossed some Amaretto in there from time to time if we’re feeling extra adventurous.


That’s it…..told ya it was easy.


Alright….have a good one this weekend, and if you’re on the Upper East Side cheering on the 40,000 runners who are just barely hitting the “I hate my life” stage of the race (I know from personal experience) we hope to see ya there.

Cheers to #TheNextEscape