vol. 0006 The Spring Laker

vol. 0006 The Spring Laker

Though primarily known as the drink of the summer (sorry Coors Light on the rocks), there's currently a strong movement underway to make the good times last all year long with this delicious taste of the Jersey Shore. The Spring Laker, named for the shore town of Spring Lake and made best at the legendary Parker House, is a little bit of everything all in a single glass.

There's never a bad time for Vodka and Pineapple, but it's even more delicious when sipped enveloped in a warm ocean breeze. Add in a bit of Red Bull to the mix and now you're firing on all cylinders, ready to ensure that day booze turns into hearing last call. So flip on some Bruce, grab a tall boy filled with ice and join us for a trip DTS (Down the Shore for those of you who don't travel the Parkway).

1- Grab the cocktail glass of your choosing - we're partial to tall boys - and fill it with ice

2- Pour in the vodka of your choosing. Titos if available, Smirnoff (which is surprisingly well rated for the price point) if not. These are equally delicious in the AM so pour accordingly.


3- Fill half with Red Bull. This is the key to making sure this tonic of the Gods keeps you fist pumping until late in the evening.


4- Fill the last of the open space in the remaining glass with pineapple juice.


5- Smile at the simple glory before you.

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6- Sip and savor the knowledge that you're enjoying what freedom tastes like...Jersey.


Now drink up ya' filthy animals!

Cheers to #TheNextEscape